Creative Engineer's
Vibratory Sifter Dryers for Microsphere Products

One of India's first microsphere processing equipment. This equipment is available in different models and is suitable for all kinds of microsphere materials. Click on the models to learn more.


  • Available in Models ranging from 100gm, 500gm, 1000gm capacity
  • 50g to 1000gm capacity. (Available with varying capacities)
  • jacketed Inlet/Outlet ports to pass cooling liquid.
  • Adjustable frequency drive for stirrer
  • Powder lumps breaking device with DC variable speed drive.
  • Lid designed with multiple ports for TC connections. 
  • 'Customizable with varying sensors and modifications.

Available Modifications and Attachments

Additional Flow Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Testers available as attachments.

Chilling tank passing extension, storage for samples and production items available..

We work as per clients requirements. The parts, MOC, Make etc can be changed and produced as per the Client.